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Jamies Jewellers

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Your Local Jewellery Specialists

Here at Jamies, our friendly team members specialise in a range of jewellery repairs and maintenance.

These include cleaning and buffing, checking claws and the security of your precious gems, small repairs such as new clasps or adjusting your earring backs, resizing rings, re-joining chains and replating jewellery.

In-Store Services

Checking the Security of your Jewellery

The claws that hold your precious gems in place can eventually become thin and weak, and left unnoticed, can cause a stone to come loose, or even fall out.

To prevent this, we recommend bringing in your jewellery at least once a year just to be checked over by our friendly staff. They will use a loupe to closely check on your claws and settings and will advise if your jewellery needs any repair maintenance.

This is a service that is completely free of charge and only takes a few minutes of your time.

External Services

Ring Resizing

Whether you’ve just purchased the perfect ring from us, or you’ve decided to change the finger you wear your ring on, often, rings need to be resized.

We work alongside numerous Master Jewellers, some of which, have been in the trade for over 50 years! We always get a quote first, to make sure you don’t get any nasty surprises!

Bring your ring in to one of our stores and we will ensure that not only will your ring fit perfectly, but it will look like new on return.

In-Store Services

Small Repairs & Adjustments

We all have to remember that jewellery is made from precious metals like silver and gold – metals that are relatively soft. It can be very easy to catch and break any part of your special piece.

That’s why we keep small findings such as clasps and jump rings handy in store for when you need them. We also keep in a range of butterflies as we know these can be hard to hang on to! These can all be fitted in store most of the time, whilst you wait or shop!

External Services

Replating Jewellery

Gold plated jewellery unfortunately, does wear with time. It can be preserved by not being worn in the shower and being careful of cosmetic products such as perfume, however, the beautiful gold sheen will eventually fade.

Not to worry though, we use reputable companies who specialise in gold plating that can bring your jewellery back to it’s original shine!

Another plating service that we provide is rhodium plating. All white gold jewellery is rhodium plated to give it a bright white shine. Like all other plating, this does eventually fade, but can be re-rhodium plated at any time by our Master Jewellers.

External Services

Re-joining Jewellery

Again, silver and gold are soft metals and so can easily be broken.

We can re-join broken chains in-store using jump rings or if you need the extra stability of a solder, we can send it away to our highly skilled Master Jewellers where no job is too big.

In-Store Services

Repairing Pearl Jewellery

We are lucky enough to have an in-house pearl jewellery repairer, meaning you can leave your strands of pearls with us for a few days and we can give them a new lease of life! There’s options for different thread material and even how it is re-threaded.

Jewellery that is often glued to a post (pearl earrings) can eventually become unstuck. Not to worry though, we work closely alongside a specialist pearl supplier who have their own workshop and can have your precious earrings back to you in no time!

In-Store Services

Re-modelling Jewellery & Custom Design

Have some old jewellery that’s a little dated? Or fallen out of love with your favourite piece?

Jewellery is made to be worn, and if you find your jewellery lying in your jewellery case, it may be time to have it remodelled.

We offer in-store custom design and advice and can sit down with you and prepare a design that you will love. Using the latest CAD software you can modify any aspect of your design in minutes. We then send your design to our Master jewellers for them to create your masterpiece.

Designs and products quoted at consultation.