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Watch Water Resistance Guide

What Water Resistance Numbers Mean

Most watches are considered water resistant, meaning that they will withstand some splashes or rain. Water resistant does not mean that you should shower or go swimming with the watch on. If you wanted to wear your watch swimming, look for depth resistance.

Water Resistant

A watch this is just water resistant is good for everyday wear and is fine in the rain or if it gets splashed but it is not suitable for swimming.

Water Resistant 50m
(5bar or 5ATM)

50m water resistance is suitable for water related work, recreational swimming & fishing but not diving or surfing, etc.

100m Water Resistant
(10 bar or 10ATM)

100m water resistant watches are suitable for recreational surfing, snorkelling, sailing and other water sports but not diving.

Water Resistant 200m
(20 bar or 20ATM)

Watches rated for 200m water resistance are suitable for professional marine activities and serious surface water sports but are still not suitable for diving

Divers 200m

A divers watch with 200m water resistance is suitable for scuba diving at depths not requiring Helium gas.

Divers 300m+

A divers watch with 300m water resistance is suitable for deep sea diving at depths that require Helium gas.

Showering in your watch

Watches should never be worn in shower, spa's or hot pools as the heat and chemicals can cause the gaskets to deteriorate and fail, which in turn will let moisture in to your watch.