Ear Piercings

We provide professional ear piercing at our store in Alexandra by appointment only. Sorry, we do not offer ear piercing in our Queenstown store at this time.

We use the Studex System 75 piercing device and our piercers are fully trained in its use.

The piercing is free, you’ll just need to purchase a pair of piercing studs from our range and aftercare solution.

We pierce your ears using sterilised tools and sealed sterile studs that are hypoallergenic and available in Surgical Steel, 24k Gold Plated Surgical Steel or Titanium.

Healing time is generally 6-8 weeks although it can take longer.


Always wash your hands thoroughly then use the aftercare solution front & back of the piercing twice a day

After cleaning slide the earrings back & forth to work the lotion into the piercing, then gently rotate it (only after using the aftercare solution). Always keep shampoo, conditioner, perfume, soap, hairspray and hair dyes way from your piercing

Avoid swimming until the piercing has healed

Once the piercing is healed other earrings can be worn but don’t wear any heavy earrings for at least 4 months

Don’t touch or let others touch your piercing and try to avoid knocking it, take extra care when brushing your hair etc

For 6 months do not go without studs in your piercing for more than 24hrs.


Call us on 03 448 8802 for an appointment or pop in and see us to chat through how we can help.

You must be over 6 years old for us to pierce and we are able to provide simultaneous piercings for younger customers on some week days. If you are under 16 years old we need a signed parental agreement form unless your parent is with you.

Please note, we only pierce ear lobes and don’t do any cartilage piercings.