Valuations & Appraisals

It’s always better to be safe than sorry! Many insurance companies won’t insure items over a certain value without a full appraisal, so it is essential that all of your precious pieces have up-to-date valuations in case the worst happens.

Here at Jamies, we are lucky enough to have our very own fully qualified gemmologist and appraiser with over 40 years experience!


For Insurance

Generally, we recommend full insurance appraisals for all items that need to be specified on your household policy. However, check with your insurance company first, because all policies are different with varying limits.

Before it’s valuation, we will give your precious piece a thorough clean and check to make sure all claws and settings are in the best possible condition.

Your valuation will have a full description, with pictures, weights and sizes – everything you would need to accurately replace the item should you need to.

There’s a copy for yourself, and one for your insurance company.


For Probate

It is important to remember that an insurance value and a market or probate value are not the same.

An insurance value is the cost to replace an item, whereas a market value is what you could expect to receive if you were to sell the item in the condition it’s in.

Once again, this is an easy job for our fully qualified gemologist!


Price List

Full Valuation Report (1-5 Stones): From $120

Full Valuation Report (More than 5 Stones): From $150

Full Valuation Report (Plain Gold): $70

Inventory Report (1-5 Stones): $90

Inventory Report (More than 5 Stones): From $110

Gem or Metal Identification: $40

Complex items such as brooches, pendant or rings and bracelets with multiple stones of different shapes and sizes will be quoted for.


For Market Value

If you are considering selling your second-hand jewellery you may require a market valuation.

These can help ensure you know the appropriate price to ask for your item and in turn make sure you receive what the item is worth.


Valuation After Loss

We can provide after loss valuations for your jewellery if it has been lost which will help establish the replacement value for your insurance company.

We can provide you with a second opinion if your insurance company have completed their own after loss valuation.

Once your claim has been approved you have the right to choose where to have your jewellery replaced and we can help source or make your replacement pieces.


Gem Identification

Have a stone or family heirloom and have no idea what it is?

Our gemologist has the ability to test any stone for it’s unique properties and identify exactly what it is.


Metal Identification

Unfortunately, not all metals are fully hallmarked and so it can be hard to determine exactly what metal jewellery is made from.

Once again, our fully qualified gemologist has the best tools for identifying any metal.