Jewellery & Care Guides

See below for our range of jewellery and care guides, however if you need any assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch here.

  • Diamond Guides

    Buying diamond jewellery can sometimes be a bit mind boggling.
    We want to help you choose the perfect piece every step of the way, so we’ve created this useful guide to help you understand the 4 C’s a little better so you can feel more informed when you purchase your next dazzling diamond.

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  • Jewellery Cleaning Guide

    As much as we would love to tell you that your jewellery will stay pristine forever, unfortunately that is not the case. There are however, several ways you can keep it looking shiny and sparkly!

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  • Ring Size Guide

    The best way to find your correct ring size is to visit us and have your finger measured, but if you can't make we have a handy guide that you can use.

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  • Watch Water Resistance Guide

    Most watches are considered water resistant, meaning that they will withstand some splashes or rain. Water resistant does not mean that you should shower or go swimming with the watch on. If you wanted to wear your watch swimming, look for depth resistance.

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